Want to find out what engages your employees, but have a tight budget?

Recently I facilitated a workshop with the purpose to spot opportunities to drive engagement all the way out to blue collars in an organisation with more than 40,000 employees. Many large organisations have surveys to measure this, and to benchmark with other companies in e.g. the industry. This organisation had that as well, and they based their ideas partly on the results from those surveys. However, they went beyond the results and carried out more than 100 interviews with different employees to find out what really triggered them. After two and half days of hard work, they ended up with three tangible ideas that they presented to their CEO and got a “good to go”.
Engagement is of course interesting in …

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Congratulations Mannaz!

We are very proud to share the good news that our owner Mannaz A/S has been recognised with the “Excellence in Practice Gold Award” (EiP) granted by EFMD for its unique learning methods.
Mannaz and COWI win prestigious EFMD-award
A new way to implement project management has led to noticeable and measurable bottom-line improvements, improved customer satisfaction as well as reduced number of complaints in the global engineering group COWI.

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