Be global, act local – or risk being lost in translation

A key challenge for a global business is to be global yet act local. This challenge applies both to the business strategy as it enters and grows new markets, as well as it’s organisational leadership strategy as it develops local capabilities in support of the business ambition.
Based in Cape Town at the tip of the African continent, and as a recent addition to the PlanB team, this was top of mind for me as I went through a train-the-trainer process to ensure that PlanB’s global client acquired a local PlanB partner who would support the South African business unit to benefit from a roll out of a global academy programme. I intuited that my own learning process would reflect that …

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Impossible and now – how leaders are creating the uncorporation

“Employees today are uncorporate individualists. For a CEO, this makes life almost impossible. How do you make an uncorporate culture, yet still meet corporate targets? How do you liberate people, without unleashing chaos? How do you give people a purpose, without imposing an ideology? How do you lead, when everyone’s their own leader? And how do you do it all fast?”
In a report from Wolff Olins based on conversations with 43 global CEO and 400 surveyed employees, the conclusion is that following creative checklist seems to be at play:

Take your place: See yourself and your organisation as a citizen of the universe, not the centre of it.
Let it go: You don’t have to have all the answers, nor should you – let expert practitioners lead the work.
Culture …

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