Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

This year our Christmas gift goes to women entreprenuers in Kampala, Uganda.
In Kampala the women are struggling to support their children. Many of them try to manage on earnings from their small companies. It could be selling fruit and vegetables in the street or running a hair salon outside their house. These women need assistance to make their companies more profitable and to expand. With the assistance of Barnfonden in Sweden (Childfund) we are helping 25 women entrepreneurs with the funding to start a business, assistance to set up a business plan, a mentor and education in how to run a business.
Watch the movie and read more about Barnfonden here

Thank you for making it possible to contribute to the …

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The future of management in a disruptive world

Have you missed Gary Hamel’s brilliant 16 minutes speech on management innovation? He gives us a whole new perspective on how innovation is key to success in a world with a constantly accelarating pace of change.
Spend 16 minutes to update your perspective.

Henrik Challis

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