Two pieces for the puzzle of identifying High Performers

Identifying a High Performer is not about having a gut feeling. It might start out as a gut feeling, but in the end, what makes a High Performer a High Performer, is definitely visible to the eye – if you have laid the groundwork right. It is simple, here are the two pieces of the puzzle: First of all, a High Performer’s achievements go beyond the set targets. Second of all, the way he achieves it is also part of building the culture you want to have in the organisation.

Let’s start by looking at the first piece of the puzzle: This parameter relates to the target, and to what degree it is achieved. The groundwork you need to lay out is …

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An alliance to increase equality and diversity

PlanB and Wiminvest forms a strategic alliance. PlanB specialises in leadership development and organizational transformation. Wiminvest in getting more women into operative management positions and increasing diversity in management teams. In combination we have capacity and determination to make a difference together with our clients. The goal is to, by 2016, have helped 100 large global corporations to have at least the same proportion of female managers at all levels of management as there are women within the organization as a whole. ”
Because it is a numbers game.

Check out some of the cases.
Read the Wall Street Journal article, “Even Scandinavia Has a CEO Gender Gap“
Henrik Challis

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