Change agent skills and character

Change management is strategy’s evil twin. To master both the strategic and the human side of a project, is what separates the good project managers from the best.
When strategies and changes are implemented we tend to call it projects. Being a change agent is to master the art of engaging and changing people’s behavior, in order to achieve business goals or political aims. The mark of a true project manager is a combination of excellent planning skills, and the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships – in order to achieve goals, while upholding trust and respect.
Methods and behavior
Know Your Network
Just as you use CRM systems to structure sales, it is vital to structure how you deal with key stakeholders …

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If you DON’T go, where you don’t go; you WON’T know, what you don’t know – Steve Goubeaux

Let me just throw you out there and start by asking whether you have ever thought about where you source the knowledge that sows the seed for your next ideas, or get inspiration for your next solution. Few of us ever think about this, we just do what we’ve been taught and created the habit of doing.
When we have a challenge at hand or when we’ve spotted an opportunity, we have a tendency to look for solutions from sources within the same context as the challenge – sources that seem relevant. We look in magazines or journals in the same field as the challenge: If the challenge is “leadership”, we’re reading journals from A.P.A. or HBR. If we work with …

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