Transformation and change is business as usual

KPMG has published the Transformation Survey. In it we can connect the dots.

Business transformation has taken hold across the broad corporate landscape, and there is a correlation between a formal process and transformation itself. Companies that have a formal process are more vigilant about assessing their business and operating models against their business strategy and are more active in transformation.
Thanks for scooping it up: Kenneth Mikkelsen at LeadershipABC.
/Henrik Challis

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DARE to drive performance

In my last blog-post I wrote about what High Performers look like, and got a question about what it fundamentally takes to drive performance. In this article I present the DARE acronym: the four fundamental factors you need to secure in order to drive performance – whether it’s in an entire organization, in a team, to set up a strategy or develop a performance driven culture.
First of all, High performance requires goals, expectations or an ambitious and motivating vision – high performance requires clear Direction. When the direction is set, one also needs to look at the capabilities to deliver on the goals – does the workforce have the competence? Do they have the Ability to take you to the …

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