We are now a part of Mannaz

PlanB has a new owner.
The company has been acquired by Danish Mannaz A/S. (www.mannaz.com)
Mannaz and PlanB have been collaborating through the years and have noticed how rewarding and smooth it has been, almost certainly because our core values coincide. We both work passionately with leadership and organizational development, on the assumption that people are central to everything. Mannaz also means human being. We both have a strong Nordic connection, working with highly effective modern methods of learning – with a solid basis in research.
Our shared values, Mannaz’s efforts to strengthen their position in Sweden and PlanB’s ambition to take on more international assignments constitute the reasons for joining forces.
Our merger establishes a new and strong Nordic operator with international capacity …

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7 steps to develop a culture that supports your vision

Some companies seem to believe that culture is first created by the employees and then reflected by their behavior. This is by all means true, but allowing the culture to emerge on its own, might or might not support the companys’ vision. Moreover, different cultures may develop between different teams, departments or units, leading to decreased cohesion as well as potentially increased ”silo”-behavior. Other organisations take the matter in their own hands and stimulate behavior amongst their employees in order to create the culture they want and need.
Personally, I believe that the latter is the formula for success; securing core values in an organisation, with a clear link straight to the mission and vision as well as making sure strategies …

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