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Case: Now the university carries out better and more efficient projects

More and more data was handled as a project within a large university administration. But the staff’s knowledge of how to run effective projects varied significantly. They didn’t talk about the projects in the same way, and it was difficult to compare results and coordinate activities. PlanB was asked to do an introductory program in project methodology. The program was a success and has been repeated several times.

– The consultant used the templates and the terminology we use, says the university’s responsible for skills development. It was carefully planned in advance and entirely related to the work we had already started. Each participant brought his own case and could always relate to it. The terminology was connected to the individual projects. Everyone could relate, regardless of the size of the project. Practical exercises were mixed with theory.

– So far it has been a success. People have enjoyed the benefits of what they have learned. They have become aware that they have to make a communication plan. We must wait for a while before we make an evaluation, but I think there is a great need for this kind of training.

Thanks to PlanB’s excellent teaching methods, where the teacher  could easily pick up issues and needs, the content of the program could also be adjusted during the actual training.

So far only administrative staff has participated. A future plan is to provide project management programs also for researchers, who often have large research projects to manage.

– For example, many researchers are part of the large EU projects that have to be reported back carefully, and perhaps they can get a better structure after this program. The question is how applicable this project methodology is to scientific communities.

The staff that has participated in the program comes from many different departments within the large university.

– The program provides an opportunity for cross-border cooperation and makes it easier to make new contacts.

Due to the success of the program, the college has decided to make it a part of their regular training programmes. Plans are underway to also offer an advanced version of the program.

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