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Case: – We wanted to make better use of project management training

The technical administration departments of the municipality in Malmö have been sending their staff to project management training since 1996. After a decade they decided to change educational provider. Jörgen Jepson is financial manager at the highways department in Malmö, and at this time he was the chairman of the purchasing group that consists of highways department, city planning department, real estate and environment department:

– We felt that we wanted more influence over the actual training process and we needed a stronger connection between training content and existing practices, he explains and continues:
– The training had to be useful instantly in our every day work, not something that is soon forgotten among the other files on a shelf.

PlanB tailored a training program  aimed towards project managers and project participants and studied the internal project vocabulary in order to build customized training material.

– People are pleased with the training program, says Jörgen Jepson and explains:
– Now when we run training in-house, we have more control than before. In addition, it is cheaper than outsourcing the entire training program.

During the training the participants develop their ability to run projects, while the real life projects that are ongoing are developed simultaneously. The participants evolve together and make suggestions on how the entire group of technical departments can be improved to better support projects. Parallel to the PlanB training program, the organization itself has evolved and there is now a new project support system.

– PlanB’s flexibility gives the administrations greater opportunity to act directly upon the results of the evaluations made after the end of each program, says Jörgen Jepson.
– Together with PlanB the management work out changes that can be radical from one time to another. In this way we get the most out of our training program based on our actual conditions. And evaluation scores range from high to higher.

– PlanB adapts to our needs. They are flexible and accommodating and have no fixed agenda they need to follow – they can change and adapt most of it as we go along, concludes Jörgen Jepson

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